I really meant to put money aside for the holidays


I really meant to put money aside for the holidays…

If this is you I can assure you that you are the majority and not the rule. People always have the best of intentions to put money aside. They say that they will set aside money here and there and then they will be able to buy gifts. Then we hit November and people scramble to come up with money for black Friday shopping. When I start coaching clients after September I work with them to figure out the holidays. Is it important to focus on getting out of debt and building your future? Yes it is one of the most important things.

I will take a short break and I will be in touch….

I hear this a lot in my profession where people realize that the holidays are coming up. People are used to throwing caution to the wind to be able to buy the gifts the way they want without being held back or judged. One of most important factors on whether serious change can happen is identifying what things threw you off of the rails in the past.

Holidays are a time where lots of people fall off of the wagon. I am not saying to stop working the steps but ignoring the holidays will just turn into you putting more money on those credit cards you, “save for an emergency.” It is one of those times where it is important to game plan through it, rather than avoiding it.

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