I have tried to budget before and it didn't work...


I hear this very often. This is a common issue that people experience. They are skeptical that I can make a big impact on their lives because their previous experience has led them to think that they could not do any better with the help of a financial coach.

There are three reasons that people have trouble making success in getting out of debt.

  1. They do not know how to properly work a down to nothing, scorched earth.

  2. They do not believe that they can succeed and often self sabotage.

  3. They have a partner that is not convinced or that is not willing to work a program to get out to debt.

All of these are problems I help people get out of daily. I am here to be a teacher to those that need to learn how to properly work a budget. How to find the extra money in their budget that is going somewhere unintended. Often I see people that not only do not think that they can get out of debt, they are not seeing that they can get themselves out of this life. It is easy to follow suit with the 78% of people that live paycheck to paycheck. It is easy to follow others in a quest to spend money we do not have to buy things we do not need to impress people. Don’t follow that path, there is so much better the world has to offer you.

For the person with the resistant partner, there are a number of ways to work through this. A spouse can almost never be convinced to jump on the plan by their spouse. You are too close to the situation and you know your spouse well enough that you will likely push a button that causes them to shut down any hopes of progress. A coach has the advantage of an unbiased look at the situation and can come at the issues better. I have the experience to know why your partner is avoiding the progress and can help them to work with you to carry both of your dreams. You need to work together to win and I can help you bring them on board.

Jennifer Strimbeck