Getting out of debt doesn’t need to be boring. Use our free printables.

The journey to become debt-free becomes fun when you get a little visual reminder of the progress you are making. It made my journey pretty fun too when I let the kids get in on it to color in the squares as we made the progress.

The first step of any progress in getting out of debt is to put a little insurance policy out to protect you from the things that will sneak up on you to try to derail your progress. Perhaps you are looking at this thinking that if you had $1000 you would not be in trouble. If that is you reach out today and schedule your free session and I can show you how to get there. Next we have various printables for your different debt types.


 Free Charts

  • Emergency Fund Printable

  • Credit Card Payoff Sheet

  • Car loan Payoff Sheet

  • Down Payment Savings Printable

  • Student Loan Payoff Sheet

  • Mortgage Payoff Tracker