It can't be my car payment...

Everyone loves a fancy car. Don't let your car have you. (1).png

Lots of people look the other way when it comes to the car payment. They are not willing to see that the huge car payment is taking a huge ding out of their household finances. People will often say things like, “ I just need to make more money”

This is NOT THE ANSWER… at least all the time. There are some instances where income is really an issue but is rarely the problem.

Debt is often just the side effect of larger behavior issues. Is this me telling you that you are the problem? Do not feel like this. Everyone has things in their financial past they wished that they could do differently. You, me, Warren Buffet. EVERYONE. My point in telling you this is that in order to make progress, we just need to understand what types of hiccups you have had in the past that have derailed you.

I want to see you win with money. You can win with your finances. What you put in for effort will come back to help you win with your finances. The question is are you ready to take the first little step towards financial freedom? Towards a debt-free life?

Jennifer Strimbeck