How to get out of debt when you are broke...

This is often the statement that you see and you immediately want to know the quick get out of debt scheme. Perhaps you have already read the blogs about coupons and how successful Bettie Sue is, only to find you had no idea where to get enough newspapers to make it worth it. After that, you read about how people have made a bunch of money filling out surveys. Tell me how frustrating and time consuming that was only to have a whopping $13 at the end of it.

Lesson Number 1:

Unless you learn how to better manage your money, making more isn’t going to make an impact. Take a moment and think about the first job you had. You suddenly had your own money to do with as you saw fit. Everyone gets this rush. The trick with more money is it is dangerous when it does not have a purpose.

This is the first thing we will work through in financial coaching. We will work to figure out where your income is leaking and how you can make a plan to assign the dollars that have been going astray on you. Giving them a task will keep them from running away on you.

Lesson Number 2:

You can’t make progress until you have two points on a map…. Where you are now and where you want to end up.

This is stressful and people do not want to open up about their debts and minimum payments. So they fall back on the fact that they are like others in their peer group. That all their friends are buried in debt so why should they change that. If you want to make progress… real progress out of debt then you need to see the numbers. Figure out just how much your debts are robbing your future.

Lesson Number 3:

Figure out if you want to be out of debt or if you want to be normal. I challenge you come join me, the peace is so much sweeter. The calm that you will feel when you don’t notice it is pay day because you are not stressing about bills is something you want. That feeling is what I wish for you.

What could you do with the money you are giving away to banks?

What could you do with the money you are giving away to banks?

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