5 reasons people are not saving for college

The funny thing about college is that society tells us you need a college degree to succeed in life. You are told that all the best jobs require a degree. What no one tells you is that there are ways to pay for school WITHOUT student loans. Next thing you know some school advisor is telling you that EVERYONE takes out loans.

Most people are not even aware of how much loan debt they have until they do exit interviews. Next, they are given ambiguous instructions on how to pay back said loans. So what is the solution? Saving and paying for as much as is possible without taking out loans. (I am now expecting the collective sighs because you all think I am crazy)

Well, the best defense is a good offense so let's go over what typically keeps people from saving.

  1. Options to save are confusing. ESA’s, 529’s, Money Markets are just some of the options and they all have different rules and uses. The solve is to get the answers. Check out the post next week that goes over options.

  2. They think saving for college will eliminate their child’s eligibility for financial aide. If you save for college, you can pull from your 529 the amount you got in a scholarship tax-free, and your savings is only counting towards what they expect you to provide at a crazy low rate of 5%.

  3. ”If I save for my kid, they will not appreciate it and won't work as hard at school.” This is probably my least favorite reason because it is rarely the real issue. Talk to your kids and make it clear if they are not studying up to par then you are done funding school. Another option is to match their own saving.

  4. ”Everyone has student loan debt so I am not going to worry about it.” I have the feeling this doesn't apply to you or you probably would be elsewhere. I bring up this one because this is what people will tell you and I don't want it to derail you from your progress.

  5. I don't have enough money to save for college. This is my favorite reason because solving this one will change your whole life. Being in control of your finances and winning with your money is unreal and if you want it just schedule your first session today.