How to make more money FAST!

I have to admit the name of this article is a bit of a misnomer. The reason I named this blog post this way is because I remember at the beginning of my debt-free journey entering in these very words into the search engine. I like you thought that " I needed to make more money fast" and that would fix all of my problems. If I could just get that raise, I would be fine.

I looked at websites to earn money doing surveys and found that I did not qualify for most of them and spent hours only to make $12.85 and you needed $25 or more to be able to even cash out on any earnings. Then I looked into other avenues to make money like transcribing closed captioning for Rev and found that to be way too time-consuming to really have any impact on my life. There I was back to square one stressing about my bills and the money coming in. My husband was forced to work a job he hated, and I didn’t know where to turn. I was not sure what to do.

Then I found the program I would follow to get out of debt, It was simple, and millions of people had used it to get out of debt so it stands to reason that they could not all be wrong. There had to be something to the program that made it work for all of these people. I hired a coach under this program and found that the coach made suggestions that went beyond what I would have noticed or thought of on my own.

I don’t want any of this to seem boastful so please just understand I tell you this to show you what is possible. A short 15 months later, I was 100% out of consumer debt, and now, I am working on getting my mortgage paid off. I have a plan to pay that off within the 13.2-year mark rather than the 30 that the bank would like me to have it done in.

Jennifer Strimbeck