How to get out of debt fast

I am guessing if you are looking at this post you are fed up with debt. Despite your current situation, being fed up is an excellent place to be. Being at this point means that you really can make progress here. All too often people do not win with getting out of debt because their motivation is not strong enough. Debt is the single most marketed product sold in today’s society because debt is the easiest way to get things you want now that you can’t afford now.

I want to change your views on society. Debt is a LIAR. It makes everyone look better than they indeed are. This lie convinces you that you need to keep up.

Getting out of debt begins with determining why you want to get out of debt. Figuring out and setting a solid image in your mind of what you will do with your money when you no longer have to give it up to some bank somewhere. The plans we work people through are catered to your specific circumstances and will help almost everyone get out of debt within 18-24 months. (for a calculation based on your situation click here) We will help you to learn how to make all of your money go to work for you so you can knock out that debt very quickly. Every month you will be able to see that debt to income ratio turn further and further in your favor.

People are not deciding their tomorrow. They are deciding their habits and their habits are deciding their tomorrow. (1).png

The problem with conventional debt payoff plans is that they are missing key pieces. They are not set up to prevent you from turning back to debt if there is an emergency. Secondly, they do not lay out a specific plan for your scenario and not some cookie-cutter program and thus they take much longer to complete. Being able to see your progress and see your wins is one of the most valuable parts of our plans. Let me tell it this way. Let's say that you were trying to lose weight and you had been working hard and you lost zero pounds. You would quit, right? Well getting out of debt is the same. Conversely, if you were working a program to get out of debt and you were seeing progress it would only push you harder.

Often people looking to get out of debt quickly look to things like debt consolidation loans or filing bankruptcy. These, however, do not fix the reason that the debt happened in the first place. Most people that do utilize debt consolidation will move the debt from a card and then will end up reacquiring debt on that card that they paid off. Does this mean that I am averse to debt consolidation in every instance, no. There are some instances where lumping everything or some things in a pile would not hurt things but most people need the wins. They need to see that progress so I help people to have their eyes on what they are accomplishing. Want somewhere to start? Download free printables for your different debt types here. After that it is the budget and the plan. Are you ready to get started? Schedule a session today by clicking here.

Jennifer Strimbeck