Why should I get out of debt isn't everyone in debt?


This is a common statement I hear. I should advise you that, on your debt free journey people will think you are weird for working to get out of debt. People will tell you that you can hang up your boots for today and that you should just go out to lunch with them. Maybe it is something harder to refuse like a loved one trying to convince you to spend money on a vacation. This is NORMAL.

As you go through your journey there will be people that do not believe it is possible to get out of debt. This will usually produce three different reactions.

  1. Some people will be excited for you and want to know more about what you are doing to get out of debt, these are your cheerleaders.

  2. Others will not believe it is possible but will be non adversarial to your plans, I call this is the β€œI will believe it when I see it” people.

  3. Lastly you will have the jealous detractors. These are people that do not want to change things in their own lifestyle and are projecting their own insecurities onto you. Be careful with these people I often tell my clients that they need to cling to the cheerleaders because you will need them in your circle.

Let your friends that are not convinced, know about your small wins. As you go through this process you will have lots of little steps along the way. With the the detractors it is best to just tell them that you are on your own journey and if they do not agree with you that is fine. In your head take this as a game on challenge to prove them wrong.

As you move through things you may find that I recommend things to you that break the norm and that are going to make you question my logic. I welcome this. As a coach it is my job to work with you to teach you not only what to do but why to do it. I want you to know how to win for you and your family and know what steps to take to change your family tree.

Jennifer Strimbeck