Intermediate Package 

Getting out of debt is easy and 100% attainable when you have the right plan and someone to walk with you. This package is a long term solution.

  • 4 Months of coaching.

  • I will work you through your initial and three additional budget cycles. Almost all people are able to work out a solid budget practice with working through at least 3 budget cycles. Additionally I will be a resource for you long term. If you should have a situation a year down the line, and you are not sure what to do, I would be a resource for you to answer those one off questions.

  • Identify some strategies to help align your financial practices with your long term goals. In some instances we will re-prioritize the order in which you are working through your debts.

  • Tracking and tools provided to the client to best help keep them motivated and able to see progresses towards goals.

  • One seat for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University with a one year membership to Everydollar.