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Empowering you to live your dreams through financial education.

We guide you from paycheck to paycheck to a point where you no longer worry about money

Financial Coaching


Getting out of debt and building wealth does not have to be boring, restrictive, or complicated. If you want to live a better life and feel confident in your preparation for retirement we are here to guide you.

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Have you found yourself stressing about your bills?

Have you found yourself fighting with your spouse over money?

Perhaps you have tried in the past to pay down debt to no avail?


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You are not meant to work to make big banks rich. What could you do if you didn’t have to pay that car payment or that mortgage payment?

What can a financial coach help me with anyway?

Unlike a lot of companies out there, I am not here to sell you any investment or insurance products meant to grow your wealth. I am not looking to be a hero that comes in and throws your whole world in a tailspin. My job is to be a guide, to walk with you as you are the one that makes massive changes in your story. I will give you tools and easy to walk steps that will allow you to make changes that will last and will enable you to get to those dreams you are chasing.


My husband and I had been living paycheck to paycheck for years. The stress of our debt was always on our shoulders as we worked to make ends meet. Was this how life really had to be lived? Scraping by while getting deeper in the red? Gimli Ventures has helped turn our stress around. Through Jennifer's hard work, discipline and motivation we have built up a small emergency fund, paid off 2 credit cards and are working to pay off another 2 credit cards by November. I cannot even begin to explain how amazing it feels to be making headway. We still have a lot of work to do but Jennifer keeps us focused on our goals. When we reach a goal - Jennifer makes us celebrate it. For the first time in years my husband and I look forward to our future. Thank you Gimli Ventures!

Ashley D.

When I met Jen I knew nothing about budgeting and I was constantly overdrawn on my checking account. I am a single mother and I do not have a large income and I always felt like I would never get beyond the next week never mind living long-term. All I knew was that I wanted something better for me and my son. I reached out to Gimli Ventures not sure what to expect. I was met with a person that did not judge me for the things I viewed as mistakes from my past, she was so patient with listening to what I struggled with and took the time to build out a plan that helped me to get back on the right side of things. To be able to get through my first holiday without taking out more debt was my big win this year.

Cat H.


Want to know how long it will take to get out of debt on our plan?

How about how much you need to put into retirement monthly to retire when you want?


Gimli Ventures offers a variety of solutions to clients looking for help with their finances. If you have found yourself looking for a way to make extra money or pay off your debt we are here to show you how to maximize what is at your disposal.

Everyone's circumstances are different. Everyone has a story that got them to where they are now. I am a normal person, a mother of three and I am realistic to the fact that real life has an uncanny way of getting under your feet and tripping you up just when you get going.

The majority of people on our program are able to get out of consumer debt within 18-24 months.

I am here to walk with you, so the question is are you ready to take the first step?


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About Me


I started my debt-free journey like many of you. I had done a fair amount of things that I explained away with one circumstance or another. The truth was I was not willing to see that, I was the problem, that everyday I had choices I had to make to either help or hurt my family and the goals we had to win.

I had tried several things in the past to dig out of the hole I was in. I used debt consolidation only to go back to the cards I had “paid off”. I had gone to the websites to find coupons and fill out surveys to try to pinch the pennies. All the while I was missing the big picture. I was not paying attention to where my money was going, instead I was chasing more money coming in and mot paying attention to where it was slipping away from me.

I finally got to a breaking point and found another program. I found a plan and worked my way out of the debt my family was in. Now I take that passion to help others find their way out of their struggles.