I don't need to worry about my student loans. I am in public service loan forgiveness.

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Relying on public service loan forgiveness has been a plan of a lot of people that took on huge amounts of student loans in fields that would not typically pay back on the investment. The illusion was that the student would get their loans wiped away after a 10 year period of time devoting their lives to work in public service. The problem is that 99% of applicants that apply for public service loan forgiveness are denied. (MarketWatch 2018)

As of June of 2018 28,000 borrowers applied for public service loan forgiveness. Of those 28,000 borrowers there were 33,300 applications, of which 29,000 have been processed and only 96 borrowers have had their applications approved.

Still think it makes sense to hang on to something that 99% of people do not get? The plan I help people work through isn’t going to leave you in chains for ten years. It isn’t going to leave you working hard to rely on a hope and a prayer. It will not be the easiest thing you have ever done and it will require sacrifice but if you put in the work you will win.

Jennifer Strimbeck