Beginners 4 Month Package


Have you just decided that enough is enough? Maybe you have decided you need someone to keep you on track until you form really solid habits?

Do any of these describe you:

  • You have been looking over your bills and wondering where all the money goes at the end of the month.

  • You have been really feeling the weight of your debts and you have decided that you deserve better than chains

  • You struggle with balancing what bills are due when in comparison to when you get paid.

  • You keep chasing that raise or some extra money and you are worried about your current savings/ retirement.

  • You do not have at least $1000 to cover a small emergency.

  • You worry that you do not have enough in savings to cover a job loss for a short bit or time.

  • You are nervous about the amount of money you have saved for retirement.


Getting out of debt is easy and 100% attainable when you have the right plan and someone to walk with you.

What is included with this service:

  • I will work you through your initial and three additional budget cycles. Almost all people are able to work out a solid budget practice with working through at least 3 budget cycles.

  • Identify some strategies to help align your financial practices with your long term goals. In some instances we will re-prioritize the order in which you are working through your debts.

  • Tracking and tools provided to the client to best help keep them motivated and able to see progresses towards goals.

  • One seat for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University with a one year membership to Everydollar.